COVID-19 Update: August 22, 2020

Last evening, after showing a symptom consistent with COVID-19, a resident from one of our long-term care neighborhoods at our Kaukauna campus tested positive. That resident has been moved to the COVID-19 unit. This is precisely why we do symptom screening on every resident/patient on every shift.

We now have 5 residents/patients who are positive and being cared for in our COVID-19 unit.

Several members of the leadership team and I are here today to provide education and support to our staff and residents/patients. We are also in touch with our Medical Director, Dr. Nicole Brady.

We will be re-testing all staff and all St. Paul Home residents/patients on Monday.

Please be assured that our staff are dedicated to execution of our infection control protocols, vigilance in our surveillance efforts, and excellence in care delivery. We are keenly aware that we are all vectors and that any one of us could be moving this virus around at any time, and we are making every effort to protect others and ourselves accordingly. We do expect that the Division of Quality Assurance will conduct another survey (inspection) of St. Paul Home next week.

We will continue to post updates here with new developments. Please keep praying for our residents/patients and staff. And PLEASE commit to 100% personal pandemic responsibility. We are strong, but we can’t do this alone. Ongoing transmission in a community/region = high risk for transmission in its local long-term care facilities.

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