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Passages, St. Paul’s unique memory care program, is designed to support transitions experienced through the dementia journey.   The continuum of care is designed to help people living with dementia experience the best possible quality of care in an environment that best meets their needs.

Passages is offered in a variety of settings—at home, in the community, and within our St. Paul campuses in Kaukauna and Green Bay.

No matter where you or your loved one is on life's journey, we have a place for you.

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Early Signs

Difficulties Include

- Coming up with the right word

- Forgetting names of new people

- Forgetting recently read material

- Misplacing a valuable object

- Difficulty planning or organizing

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Middle Signs

Symptoms Include

- Forgetful of events

- Forgetful of personal history

- Feeling moody or withdrawn

- Confusion about where they are

- Confusion about what day it is

- Changes in sleep patterns

- Increased tendency to wander

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Late Signs

Symptoms Include

- 24/7 personal care assistance

- Forgetful of recent experiences

- Unfamiliar with surroundings

- Changes in physical abilities 

- Difficulty communicating
- Vulnerable to infections

Our Continuum of Memory Care

Determining which program is best suited for you or your loved one depends on individual needs and  abilities. At the beginning and throughout  the dementia journey, we  evaluate cognitive, physical, and emotional abilities to determine the program that is most appropriate to meet your or your loved ones needs.

Passages Logo

To learn more about our Passages care or schedule an assessment, please give us a call.

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