A Partnership to Benefit Local Seniors: SPES and TCoL

The partnership between St. Paul Elder Services (SPES) and the Thompson Center on Lourdes (TCoL) is a powerful example of how community organizations can come together to make an impact on people’s lives.

For several years, SPES has hosted Lunch and Learn sessions at the Thompson Center on Lourdes, a senior center providing opportunities for people 50 years and older to participate and connect through enriching activities.

The lunch and learn sessions provide something for everyone – whether it’s a craft, an educational topic, or learning about community resources, the series also provides opportunities for participants to socialize over a meal.

“This program is a wonderful addition to our community and an asset to the older adult population here at TCoL,” said Courtney Osenroth, program/marketing manager at the Thompson Center on Lourdes. “The opportunity to socialize and enjoy a meal with friends is something that tends to be taken for granted by many.”

The Lunch and Learn Series is free for participants. You can learn more about the program schedule and this year’s events here: stpaulelders.org/2023/03/06/2023-lunch-and-learn-series-at-thompson-center-on-lourdes/

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