SPES Associates take the Positivity Pact Challenge

We all know how difficult it can be to keep a positive attitude in the face of challenges and difficulties. That’s why the St. Paul Elder Services team recently decided to take on the Positivity Pact Challenge, inspired by “A Complaint Free World.”  

How the challenge works 

Every associate has a bracelet to wear as a reminder to stay positive and have an attitude of gratitude. But we all know everyone has moments of complaining, gossiping or criticizing – and when that happens, associates move their bracelet from one wrist to the other. The goal is to keep your bracelet on the same wrist all day.   

Bella modeling her Positivity Pact bracelet
Bella modeling her Positivity Pact Bracelet 

Why is a Positivity Pact important?  

Research shows that expressing gratitude can have profound effects on physical health and psychological well-being. The idea behind this challenge is to show people that words are powerful things; they can uplift us and those around us or bring us down just as quickly. By focusing on positivity rather than negativity we can create an environment that encourages growth and well-being for everyone involved.  

Join us!  

At SPES we believe in fostering an environment of growth and positivity – which is why we took up this exciting challenge! We’ve seen firsthand how powerful words can be and how focusing on gratitude can dramatically improve physical health and mental well-being.  

Do you want to join us? Put any bracelet on today and see what happens when you focus less on negativity and more on positivity! Who knows – you might just find yourself feeling happier than ever before! 

Tips to help you succeed 

  • Don’t get discouraged. It can take months for people to go awhile without moving their bracelets. 
  • It is okay to have negative thoughts, but when you speak them you have to move your bracelet. (You should notice a decrease in negative thoughts when you begin to use more positive words!)  
  • If you’re interacting with someone who is also wearing a Positivity Pact bracelet and you hear something negative from them, you can point out that they need to switch the bracelet to the other arm, but you have to move your bracelet first.  

We are excited to see the difference this simple challenge will make for our team and ultimately our friends! 

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