Help for Hire Connects Community Members to Discounted Services 

St. Paul Elder Services proudly serves community members that live at home as well as those that live on our campus. One of the many services we offer to our community members who are living independently is Help for Hire. This unique service, offered in partnership with the Outagamie County Aging Unit, gives access to an extensive list of services offered by individuals and businesses at a discounted rate. 

Services available through Help for Hire include lawn care, home repairs, respite care and more. Anyone 60 or older living in Outagamie County can participate by contacting the ADRC by phone (920) 832-5178 or email Residents will then receive a virtual or printed list of services and providers that they can contact any time a need arises.  

Help for Hire could not offer these much-needed services to residents in our community if not for the individuals and businesses who choose to participate as service providers. If you provide a service that could be of value, to seniors in our community – from cutting hair to home maintenance – contact St. Paul Elder Services by calling Brittany Stolp at (920) 428-8717 or by emailing  

One of the many things that makes our community great is the way that we show up for one another. St. Paul Elder Services is incredibly proud to be part of Help for Hire so that we can connect people who want to do just that, provide a hand up when others need it most. 

The Help for Hire list is administered by St. Paul Elder Services, Inc. and is a service funded by Outagamie County Aging Unit with federal Older American Act funding.

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